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Betty Bryer started Rumplestiltskin Designs in 1967, and after she retired in

2000 Marshall and Barbara Bryer founded Dragonfly Fringe.  Dragonfly Fringe got its name from the dragonfly fringe we carry that is a exact replaca of the Tiffany Dragonfly.

We have been importing and creating designs of beaded fringe for over 40 years.  We can make any pattern or design that you need.

All our fringe is hand knotted , not machine made, so it does not fall apart when you cut it.  Also we pride ourselves in our workmanship, so our fringe hangs straight, not crooked. 

We also use the fine expensive quality  beads in our products.  And we  do not have big spaces in our patterns, so you get  more beads by the inch than other companys. 

Our fringe does not come  from India, so our products do not have that funny smell. 

If you are looking for quality, with a company that has a 40 year track record, we are it.

Please note all prices are per yard.